October 17, 2022

Three Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Although you probably don’t want to think about it until it’s here, winter is not far away. Make sure your home is ready by taking on these effective projects.

The following home improvements can not only make your home a more comfortable space to hunker down for the winter, but will also protect you against rising energy costs. The best part? Remuda Supplies can help make it easy to tackle all three.


Although a complete overhaul of your home’s insulation is a large project, upgrading the insulation in unfinished areas such as attics or basements can make a big difference on your heating bills once winter hits. Most types of insulation that are typically used in homes become less effective at reducing heat loss over time.

Although the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of your current insulation is to bring in an expert, keeping an eye on your roof throughout the first snowfalls of the year can also provide insight into the performance of your insulation. If your roof is the only one in the neighbourhood without an accumulation of snow, this could be an indicator that your attic is under insulated and the heat escaping your home is causing the snow to melt.


Drafts caused by small gaps in windows are a leading cause of heat loss in the winter. Applying weather stripping or caulking around doors and windows is an easy way to keep cold air out. If you’re looking to take it a step further, window and door insulating kits come with everything you need to easily apply a transparent film over your windows that also help seal the heat in and cold out of your home.


Burst water pipes and flooding are a homeowners worst nightmare. Luckily, prevention is easy and can help avoid a much worse (and expensive) problem down the road. Installing an automatic electric water pipe heating cable can help eliminate the worry of frozen pipes.

Get started today. Drop by Remuda Supplies and our building material experts will help you get set up with everything you need to improve your home’s energy efficiency and live comfortably this winter.

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