April 19, 2022

Meet our expert account managers

At Remuda Supplies, we pride ourselves on being building materials experts. To save you valuable time and effort when sourcing professional-grade building materials we employ a team of experienced, knowledgeable account managers who are dedicated to working with you for the entirety of your project. From ideation to completion, our experts will be there to take care of any questions you have. Meet our building materials specialists who are eager to get started making your next project run smoothly!

Andrea Johnston, Sales Representative

Andrea has a proven track record of nearly 30 years of experience as an account manager in construction, including 2 years as part of our team. Andrea takes pride in providing customers with service that keeps them coming back for all their building material needs. Andrea believes that maintaining honesty and transparency in her communication with customers has been key in forming long lasting relationships with return customers throughout her career. Andrea loves going above and beyond to share her knowledge and experience with customers to make their project successful.

Steve Leyenhorst, Sales Representative

In January 2021, we welcomed Steve as one of our Sales Representatives. Steve has spent most of his career in business development roles, giving him over 23 years worth of knowledge of building materials and construction. Steve’s favourite part about his job is seeing customers achieve success for their business, and on their projects. Steve shows commitment to client success by listening to his customers and making it his goal to truly understand their building material needs. By doing so, Steve is confident in his abilities to offer customers the right products and services to nail their project.



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