Lumber package, garage package, house package

April 29, 2022


Warmer weather means that it’s time for contractors to start preparing for that influx of customers contacting you to take on their spring and summer projects. Don’t worry – Remuda Supplies is here to help your business succeed.

If you have deck, fence, shed, or garage projects staring you down this spring, we’ve got you covered. We offer customizable building material packages that include all the lumber and fasteners you need to make quick, easy work of your project and move onto the next.

At Remuda Supplies, not only do you get access to professional-grade building materials – you get one-on-one expert support that will ensure you have all the materials you need to nail your projects. The days of making panicked trips to the lumber yard and hardware store when you inevitably come up short one 2″x4″ or a handful of screws are over. Just bring us your material list, and let us take care of the rest – from accurately packaging the order to reliable delivery right to your job site.

3 Benefits of buying a building package from Remuda Supplies:

  1. You can be confident that you’ll receive the proper materials, in the correct quantities
  2. Reliable, timely delivery of your building materials all at once
  3. Access to one-on-one support to answer all your building materials questions

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At Remuda Supplies, we pride ourselves on being building materials experts. To save you valuable time and effort when sourcing professional-grade building materials we employ…